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This could have been a tough write up because, to my mind, there are so many men and women that are making a difference. Things may be a lot different in your neck of the woods, so you may have others in mind. But what I’m about to chronicle here is universal. There will be many who are going to agree with me but there’s also going to be those who think I’m talking nonsense. Those who disagree do yourselves a favor and make a strong case.

I don’t mind it if you disagree, but if there’s one thing that I absolutely hate is subjective statements which are based on ignorance and motivated by hate and prejudice. So, if you’re any one of those, know this, I’m on to you. Think a well-trained bull terrier in heat and you get the point. But, say you disagree with me, or with anyone else for that matter, try to make qualified remarks and always respect the writer and her readers. Project yourself professionally and make objective remarks which are substantiated with information and experience.

Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling. Ok, one more thing, let’s be clear on this and if you are one of those, you’re welcome to leave right now. For the record, let me just say that I’m not a Justin Bierber fan. I happen to think that Mickey Mouse is rather cool and a lot handsomer than this dude. So, there you have it, I’ve said it. But I’m an ardent fan of Lady Gaga. She rocks. She’s a great artist and although she’s been rather quiet of late, I think that for a girl still quite young she’s become highly influential already.

It matters not whether you agree or disagree with her message, as an artist, because that’s what she is, she gets it across. I wouldn’t exactly call her exaggerated or an attention seeker but, come on guys, you have to admire her shock and awe tactics. It wouldn’t surprise me that the late David Bowie had some influence on her artistic career. In his day, he was the epitome of artistic originality and brilliant stage craft over and above his poetic lyrics. The fact that neither musician has good voices doesn’t even matter.

Apparently Obama can sing. Ok, maybe not well but he sings. Let’s call him the singing president for real. Not the lip-synching Beyonce Knowles who sullied the stars and stripes. I picked up a story a few days ago from the CNN Network which showed the Obama family doing their Christmas thing up at the White House. Now, I’m not a believer in Santa Claus – he brought me sweet nothing when I was a kid, by the way – but I had to admire the Christmas spirit of the American family Obama.

There’s an anti-Obama story that says he’s more murderous than his predecessor, but let’s be honest, when he steps down next year, he’ll always be remembered as the man who got Osama. Anti-Obama trolls, do the world a favor and do some reading and get your facts right. This man put America to work in the true sense of the word and has a heart for the less fortunate. It may seem strange to some but he’s a great believer in the pen being mightier than the sword. The trouble with his position though is that democracy is just too strong a thing in America and this dude really gets the Constitution so doesn’t do the executive order thing that he’s threatened to do on so many occasions during his long years as president.

Apparently I’m not alone in my admiration for Obama. He’s rated as one of the most liked men and women in the world. And it’s not because he’s a nice guy. Now, I’m really getting to like this nice old lady. She’s German and she’s the German Chancellor. She’s gone against many people’s perceptions and self-centered concerns and opened the floodgates to refugees from Syria. If she had her way, she could do a whole lot more. Another lady I’m getting to like more and more each day is this legal eagle all the ways from South Africa.

Africa’s leaders still don’t get it. The people are hungry. They want meaningful jobs and a decent education. And if these leaders weren’t too busy blaming the rest of the Western world for their problems and helping themselves to their countries’ bank accounts, maybe just maybe, Africa could do a lot better. But this woman simply did her job. Which means Jacob Zuma’s life remains a daily misery. Zuma is South Africa’s ‘president’ while Thuli Madonsela is the woman who found him to be culpable in helping himself to that struggling nation’s monies.

Another old lady I’m really crazy about these days is of royal stock in the truest sense of the word. Back when Myanmar was still known by its colonial name, Burma, she endured many years of house arrest after the then military junta gambled with that nation’s sentiments and decided to hold a mock democratic election.

As it turned out these morons lost their gamble and Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy swept the boards in Burma and won the general elections by a massive landslide. The joke being on the military regime, they cancelled their experiment with democracy and confined the Nobel Peace Prize winner to long bouts of house arrest. They even created a spurious law which said that she could never become Myanmar’s president should democracy make a come back.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Because there are more than enough capable men and women in Myanmar to lead that country’s democratic transition, economic recovery and path towards full reconciliation as South Africa’s former president, Nelson Mandela once tried to do over there. So, there you have it. My favorite men and women of the past few months and year. Not boys and girls after all.


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