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As I write this post, ten years from now it will be 2026. Is it even possible to believe that we will survive that long? I ask this question today because, crazy as I am, I’m finding it harder to believe that the world as we know it today will be the same then. Ok, so I’m not crazy in the sense that I need to be committed to a loony bin, but you know, there have been many people throughout humankind who were more worthy than me who were indeed incarcerated, mainly because they were committed to changing the way the world was run, they believed that it was run very badly, and wanted to make contributions towards creating a world in which everyone, rich and poor, worthy and unworthy, were all treated fairly and were able to live in peace and harmony, just the way they believed, how their god instructed them to, and how nature designed.

As you know, I’m loaded with fun. Love having fun with my words. So I was thrilled to begin this post with such a long paragraph.


There you have it.

A few short paragraphs. Hope you’re enjoying my play with words. Writers rule, don’t they. Readers too, particularly those who appreciate creativity and the artistic aspects of literature. Now, this just goes to show how the writing process works. Originally, I had no intention of beginning the post this way, but as you can tell, I let my free-flowing thoughts take over, prompting me to type the way I’ve just done. Right, let’s begin again with the original idea I had in mind (and even that thought wasn’t even the very first one for today’s theme, but it very much fits in with what I’ve had in mind for days). In fact, I only just began thinking about Canadian literary icon, Margaret Attwood.

If you thought I was crazy, then you should read some of her books. Currently she’s having some of her latest works stored away in a vault somewhere only to be opened again a hundred years or so from today. So that means we’ll never get to read her latest stuff. What a bummer! But when you think of it, what an idea. I can’t recall whether any other writer has done this. Its innovative and breaks all the rules known to us on how to write brilliant artistic prose. And I wonder what the greatest writer of all time would make of this form of experimentation. I’m talking about good old William Shakespeare, my good people.

Anyway, those who know their books know their Margaret Attwood. In the modern era of literary writing, she’s surely one of the most influential scribes around. She’s won the highest literary prizes too, by the way. And to think that she started her literary career essentially as a feminist short story writer. So, from teaching creative writing, she went full circle with her craft and is today better known as a writer of speculative, not science, fiction. Folks, there’s a big difference here. Even though she writes from a strong scientific background, she never claims to have all the answers of how the world is turning from a purely authentic and science-based viewpoint.

Read her last series of books and you’ll see what I’m getting at. You’ll love them. And you’ll also find them very easy reads too. I remember re-reading Oryx and Crake in the boiling bath over a few days. I found that I could read anything from fifty to eighty pages in one lie in. The fact that I didn’t immerse myself in more Attwood pages had nothing to with my reading abilities but more to do with the fact that the bathwater became cold and I had things to do elsewhere.

So much for telling you all how I’d like to see the world ten years from now. Before we run out of time, let me get on with it then. It goes without saying that in my creative and wild imagination I’d like the world to be much better than it is right now. But I would still like to see science progress to the degree that it enhances our humanity and that of our natural surroundings, both flora and fauna. Not the way it’s going now, tampering with gene splicing, wreaking havoc with the weather patterns and poisonously tinkering with our food crops, not so much that everyone has more affordable graze, but more so that the big multinationals can make more money.

Ok, I have to admit that the desire to see scientific advances being made is a bit selfish. Listening to my mother these days, I’m not looking forward to regressing into an old bag with aches and pains and tons of moans and groans. But then again, if I live that long, I probably still have more than forty or fifty years to go still. Even so, ten years from now, I won’t be the spring chicken I am now. That is not good.

Time’s running out. That’s another idea. There must be another time machine, one that makes time stand still or moves things along. So, if your day’s really going badly, you can push the button and move to a better place to where you want to be. Or if you’re having an awesome day, you simply make that day stand still and really have fun. You’ll get bored eventually, I always do, but, of course, you have your machine. Or it can be a downloadable app for your mobile. I wonder what Marge would make of this idea. Or could I patent it? Or has it already been thought of?

No machine as we speak, so time’s almost up. Quickly then. Build tons of space ships. Destroy all nukes, power stations and weapons. Collect every single moron on earth and dump the whole lot of this excess baggage on a dead planet somewhere out there in a galaxy far, far away.


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