Calcio di punizione


So, you think I’m a little devil do you? You are so right, but that’s only because I told you so. I told you that even on my best days I can be a very naughty girl. This is mainly to do with my belief in always trying to see the funny side of life, even under the harshest circumstances. Even if you’re struggling, you still need to learn to look at yourself and laugh at yourself. I do this every day. Sometimes people think I’m mad because I could burst out laughing at any time.

Beautiful female artist in her studio


If you could bypass me and have a chat with her, my mother would probably tell you that my love for painting began for all the wrong reasons. One of the world’s most efficient and hardy housekeepers of all time, she would probably tell you that I enjoyed making a mess. And we’re not just talking about paint, water colors and powdered primaries that you have to mix up in your pots, oh no, here she would also bemoan my passion for working with moulding clays and toxic crayons.

This short story is not about me. I don’t even have one hundred dollars in my jeans pocket right now, so never mind a million bucks. The bank accounts are pretty empty as well. This has something to do with my impulsive behavior and willingness to take risks every month, particularly towards the end of that month when overdue bills start to pile up. The story’s not about Whitney Houston either. She sang a song about a million dollars or some such some years before she died of a drug overdose.

Family and friends that think they know me can’t believe that I adore books. Books, doesn’t matter what kind it is or whether I ever get around to reading them, are my true and closest friends. Some of them have been neglected for so long that they’ve collected dust on their jackets. Right about now there are piles of them standing in heaps in one corner of my living room. There’s a very good reason for this.