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I happen to believe that most of you are better readers and researchers than I am, mainly because you are more dedicated to this practice. Me, well, I’m too busy getting up to no good, not that my mischief harms anyone. I like to amuse myself and take a wild sided view of life. I’m no clown, but I like to see people laughing, and when there’s a frown on anyone’s face, my sardonic and dry sense of humor seems to take over as though it was willed by its own mind.

Travel the world monument concept


As I write this post, ten years from now it will be 2026. Is it even possible to believe that we will survive that long? I ask this question today because, crazy as I am, I’m finding it harder to believe that the world as we know it today will be the same then. Ok, so I’m not crazy in the sense that I need to be committed to a loony bin, but you know, there have been many people throughout humankind who were more worthy than me who were indeed incarcerated, mainly because they were committed to changing the way the world was run, they believed that it was run very badly, and wanted to make contributions towards creating a world in which everyone, rich and poor, worthy and unworthy, were all treated fairly and were able to live in peace and harmony, just the way they believed, how their god instructed them to, and how nature designed.

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This could have been a tough write up because, to my mind, there are so many men and women that are making a difference. Things may be a lot different in your neck of the woods, so you may have others in mind. But what I’m about to chronicle here is universal. There will be many who are going to agree with me but there’s also going to be those who think I’m talking nonsense. Those who disagree do yourselves a favor and make a strong case.

A day in the park


And I’m mad about you too. Hello! Hope you enjoyed my About this site page. Hope it’s told you enough about who I am and where I’m at and what makes me mad about everything I enjoy out of this life. You’ll soon see that I’m a sunny sort of girl on most days, even when I’m down and out which, afraid to say, is still happening a lot too often than should be allowed in my life. I’m not going to lie to you, why I sometimes struggle has something to do with my reckless and risky nature.

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I might be a bigger fan of football (or soccer) than you are, but one thing I’m not is an expert. I’ve always been focused on the fun aspects of the game, the atmosphere at the grounds or upstairs where one of our residents has his own dish, and the agony and ecstasy of winning and losing the big games, from the local club affairs to the biggest prize of all, the soccer World Cup.