Hello everybody!

Welcome to this blog. It’s a personal one in which shared interests are written about what interests this girl and in which she writes about some of her favorite hobbies. The internet and the World Wide Web on which this blog is now running is something of a miracle. Although she may not be talking too much about this particular interest, perhaps mainly because she is preoccupied with doing odd jobs for others who need some help with it, she won’t be talking too much about her love for writing.

That being said, she loves everything there is to know about writing, whether it is in the form of this blog, to do with her Honors Degree in English and the teaching diploma she’s busy registering for – yes, this girl would love to teach some day, it is her lifelong dream – literary reviews from some of the world’s most prestigious universities and the best-known online literary magazines, her interest in online newspapers, only the best (and free) sites will do, short stories and poetry and pretty much everything else written about what most interests her, all that and more, she tries to cover it in a single day.

She also likes to have fun with words.

That’s partly why the preceding paragraph was so long. She wanted to test her readers’ resolve and basically have fun with her words. So, it’s plain to see that apart from her interests and hobbies, she’s a highly creative (and talented) young woman. In her town, everyone that knows about her talents speak highly of her. But this girl is the first to pass a compliment to others. Having been rather naughty since she started high school and up to very recently, she had little time for anyone else but herself.

So, she’s come a long way since then. Though she’s far from perfect, she tries her best and likes to see others do well in life. She’s not doing badly either – BTW – although she does feel that she’s yet to get off the mark. That’s her first interest, by the way. She loves people and she loves talking about them. She’s also mad about culture and is particularly proud of her own multicultural heritage. You could say then that she’s a mixed up girl.

She says that such diversified cultural roots have led to her physical beauty. Her hair curls naturally; she has slim but slightly muscular tones. This is mainly because she’s on her feet a lot when she’s not writing. And her skin tone is a tad darker than her friends and family’s. She has no hang ups about this.

Apart from people, this girl loves all creatures. She loves the plants and trees she sees every morning. She also loves the forest and the wild bush in which these creatures roam. She’s still learning, but she’s really getting to enjoy her painting and drawing these days. And because of her love for reading, she’s getting to learn about all the great artists of this world from the past.

Sometimes she can’t talk enough about food, particularly when she’s hungry. She says that cultural diversity or the love for it rather, allows her to sample ethnic dishes from around the world. She says she can’t cook to save her life – she’s too busy saving the lives of others anyhow – but you should see some of the dishes she lays out on the table, particularly when she’s really cooking, if you will.

Physically active, she loves her daily walks; she has an unusual interest in trains and is also a football (soccer) fanatic. She also loves watching and talking (or writing about movies. Then there’s the small and not so serious matter of love. She never takes herself seriously but enjoys being around boys. She’s feisty, so the boys she hangs around take her very seriously indeed.